Ron Leone: Men in Quilts

I started quilting over 10 years ago after I retired. Since I was child, I always enjoyed working with fabric and creating beautiful things. Whether it was designing & making outfits for marionettes I created or just stitching up some fun Halloween costumes…working with fabric has always been fun to me.

Being a tactile person, I find working with fabrics, battings and threads very satisfying. There are few things as sensuously tactile as working in fiber art. The different textures, colors and designs are very inspiring.

Also, though this may sound weird – I find the hum, motion and vibrations of a sewing machine very calming.

Over these many years, I have created many quilts and quilted items that make people happy, keep people warm and make their homes more beautiful – this make me (and them) very happy.

I find my inspiration in many places:

  • Most times I get inspiration from places I’ve been or things I’ve seen. My love of nature, the beach and Italy often can be seen in my work.
  • Sometimes I find a specific fabric or textile and create something around that fabric.
  • I have even started designing my own fabric prints to use in my designs. I look forward to doing much more of this in the future.
Prior to retiring, my life was in technology always very logical and very structured…quilting has many aspects that are similar (mathematics, organization, problem solving, discipline & design). The best part is the finished product is something wonderful that you can touch and not just see on a screen. Very satisfying! Many have also told me that my quilting is wonderful because it keeps me out of trouble…




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