Sam LaFever

“Sam has worked with creative medium including oils, watercolor, Itaglio print-making, lithography, and digital graphic design. He creates landscape paintings, seascapes, watercraft, industrial themes, and architectural waterfronts and cityfront scenes. His artwork has been shown locally and regionally since 1990.

He works as a tugboat Captain and is inspired by the view from the wheelhouse while working routes between Maine to New Orleans including the Intracoastal Waterway. His current work reflects the waterfront he is familiar with-tugs, sailing vessels, light houses, waterfowl, city fronts, and classic watercraft.

Sam’s current passion consists of constructing digital works using the Adobe Design Suite of products to make art in layers of colored shapes. The process is similar to the manner in which a serigraph is constructed-layers of color applied over one another-some opaque, some transparent. He refers to this art form as “Digital Serigraphy”, or “Digital Serigraph”. This style is reminiscent of the “Fruit Crate Art” of the late 1800’s. The saturated color, simplicity of composition and detail- a style that encompasses a “less is more” proposition,\ and is well suited to creating prints digitally. Reduction of a composition to its light, color and structural elements provides a very clean aesthetic and an interpretive approach.“



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