Sherri Conley


Developing a love of photography at an early age, Sherri Conley began taking photos with her first camera, a Kodak Brownie, given to her by her parents. In later college years, she purchased her first serious camera and built a black and white darkroom where she spent countless hours in fascination watching images develop right before her eyes.

Taking photographs can be a spiritual experience for Sherri, especially when she’s out and about in nature. Time passes quickly with her camera in hand, because she’s in her element. She is always in search of that next picture, the one that moves her visually and touches her on an emotional level.

The style and subject matter of Sherri's photography varies. There are creamy pastels, bright colors, and blacks and whites. There are still-life photos and abstracts. Some images have a bit of humor, while others are serene. There are a multitude of animals and a variety of trees in different colorful compositions and moods and infrared photos with uniquely surreal qualities. There is also a large collection of landscapes and seascapes. Living in central Virginia provides Sherri with locations that are easily accessible for shooting, ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the scenic coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.

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