Sherry Siewert

Sherry Siewert is an artist from Richmond, Virginia, who has always embraced artistic endeavors. In her earlier years, she created ceramic and did hairstyling. Later she pursued a career in technology, teaching high school and middle school students. During her teaching years, she ventured into quilting and jewelry. Sherry has owned her own company since 2009 and is currently working on the Metal Clay Masters Registry (a credentialing program for metal clay artists) and the Halstead Design Challenge (Society of North American Goldsmiths), both of which she hopes to complete in 2018.

“I really like designing jewelry for the unique creativity and beauty that an object of nature combined with metal and other mediums bring to the enjoyment of my customers, family, and friends. I began in jewelry with a little nudge from my mom. I was doing beading and saw the opportunity to take it further and create a unique style that includes self-taught wire-wrapping and metal clay. I make items from molds and stamping. I have developed more of my skills in metal clay through taking PMC Levels 1, 2, and 3 certification classes and workshops with wonderful artists in metal clay (Lora Hart, Lisel Crowley, Donna Peyouer, Mary Wolfe and Cindy Pope). I envision my most designs to incorporate silversmith techniques and glass-fusing, which I have learned from David Smith and Sabrina Cordovana. I like to design with natural stones and objects set in silver. I spend a lot of time around water and love the beach and history. I offer classes in silversmithing and metal clay in my home studio and maintain a website on Etsy.”