Sue Lee

Sue Lee has been a stained-glass artist for 20 years. She is also a Certified Interior Designer in the state of Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University.  

Sue has exhibited her work for many years at various juried shows at Crossroads Art Center (CAC). She is a member of the Virginia Glass Guild (VGG), Stained Glass Association of America, and the American Glass Guild. Her work has been exhibited in VGG Member Shows, placing in one. In March 2023 she placed second in Sculpture at CAC All Media Show.

You will find many architectural references, styles, principles & elements of design in her work. There is a playful use of positive & negative space, leaving open areas with “floating” objects. With the use of circles, lines, and geometric patterns there is balance and symmetry to her work. Having experimented with different techniques at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. She uses sandblasting, etching, glass painting, slumping, fusing and special glass saw methods (ex: holes in the middle of the glass) to create her unique works of art.

As a spiritual person, a yoga practitioner, an avid golfer, and a lover of cats! You will occasionally see some of those elements in my work. After all art should reflect life and life's passions, right?

Originally from Clinton, Connecticut, Sue Lee currently operates her Glass Gems, LLC business from her home studio in Chesterfield, Virginia where she lives with her husband Robert. Jelly a wonderful rescue kitty is the other member of the studio, she is featured in “Library Cat through a Window.”

Please reach out to Sue Lee if you would like a custom commission piece or a repair.