Terry Lacy

Terry Lacy is an American artist, now living in central Virginia.  She was born into a military family and moved constantly throughout her first two decades of life. Terry recognized an interest in art early on, taking her first art classes at age seven. She went on to graduate from the University of Utah as an Art Major, specifically, Designer Craftsman. From Utah Terry moved to Virginia, where, in 1978, she started a small jewelry business which would become her career for the next 40 years. She specialized in creating one of a kind jewelry pieces in both gold and silver, along with the repair and restoration of broken jewelry.

In 1990 Terry began to paint with watercolors, which she explored for 16 years. She always loved the transparency of that style of painting, and the light that shone through from the bright white paper below the paint. Terry now uses oil paint on linen canvases but some of those early watercolor lessons still affect her work to this day.

In March of 2018, Terry retired from her jewelry business. That move has allowed Terry to concentrate more fully on her painting. Terry’s paintings are full of bold color and contrast. Her style might be called Contemporary Realism, under the broad umbrella of Representational Art. The things Terry chooses to paint come from experiences and encounters in her life, whether it be there in Virginia or on her travels. Terry has made 4 trips out west in the past few years and has been influenced by those travels and the photos she comes home with. The prickly pear cactus plants that she photographed in Utah have become a fun series of paintings for her and have been well received.

Terry is a studio painter and uses her photographs as references for the paintings. Painting is an important form of self-expression for her, her voice, a form of communication. The photos represent the experience to a point, but the paintings are always enhanced with the memories of that time. It could be a scent, the wind, a sense of awe, cool shadows or warm light, or an emotional response.


Website: https://TerryLacyFineArt.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TerryLacyFineArts


Commissions Accepted!! Pets and People Portraits

Please contact the artist through her website for pricing or call Crossroads Art Center at 804.278.8950