Judith Anderson

Anderson has focused a great deal of her work for the past several years on trains – oil paintings of trains.  What she enjoys most about trains is their complex surfaces — rusty, with layers of peeling paint, letters and numbers, often a topmost layer of graffiti.  Trains’ geometrics also appeal to her.  They are about as close to abstraction as she can get, she says, but they are real, which their attraction. “There is an unexplainable exoticism about trains,” she says.

Her love of and fascination with train surfaces also finds expression in photography.  Sometimes one can’t improve upon the surface itself, she says. Her photographic images are all close-ups of actual train surfaces found at various sites in the US and Mexico.

Anderson’s paintings are all oil on panel and unframed, unless otherwise noted.  They are edge-painted and do not need framing.

The photographs are archival digital images mounted on Masonite and protected with a matt acrylic film.  They do not need framing, and, in fact, framing is not recommended.

Website: http://www.judithandersonart.com/