Karen Palmer

Originally from Boston, MA, Karen has been a Richmond, VA resident for over 20 years.
A self taught artist and former busy stay at home mom to two children, Karen enjoyed
creating art with her children as a together time activity for their home, friends, and

Karen’s influences are primarily from her enjoyment of impressionism when she was
younger, which can be seen in her style. She is particularly inspired by landscapes and
floral scenery, to create art in a variety of styles including abstracts. She’s a free spirit
and goes where the canvas takes her using whatever tools and mediums she is
inspired to use. Karen’s goal when she paints is to create and title a piece that is both
pleasing to the eye, evokes an emotion of familiarity and enjoyment, while also drawing
the viewer in for a second look to connect with her art.

As her children are launching into adulthood, she has been creating a new path with
her art. Her original artwork has been the inspiration for palmer K designs - an online
store of clothing, home goods, and accessories created from her originals as “art to be
lived in”.

What can she create for you?


Email: info@palmerKdesigns.com
Website: www.palmerKdesigns.com
Instagram: @palmerKdesigns
Facebook: @palmerKartandmusic
Tiktok: @palmerKdesigns
Pinterest: @palmerKdesigns